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The Walking Dead - Season 8, Episode 07: Time for After

Rick and his survivors bring complete war as they fight for the redemption of a promising future.
Duration: 44 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2017
IMDb: 8.4
Keywords:  #Andrew Lincoln #Greg Nicotero #Melissa McBride #Norman Reedus #The Walking Dead - Season 8
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Critics Of "The Walking Dead - Season 8"
Paste Magazine
December 03, 2017
Everything about this episode simply seemed to say "Hang in there, and watch next week's episode, won't you?"
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Entertainment Weekly
December 03, 2017
Eugene is an interesting lens through which to see this side of Negan. He's a tactician. A coward, yes, but someone who thinks it all out and makes the best possible decision for himself based on all empirical evidence.
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December 03, 2017
Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead was another surprisingly good episode in a mostly disappointing season.
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New York Magazine/Vulture
December 03, 2017
Oh hey -- sorry, didn't see you there. Must have nodded off during that outstandingly dull episode of a show about the collapse of society in a world overrun by an undead horde. Shouldn't be hard to make that more interesting than CSPAN, right?
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Rolling Stone
December 03, 2017
This chapter is also about one man wrestling with both his soul and his survival instinct. This character's always going to skew toward the cartoonish. Beneath all his bluster, however, Eugene is a fairly complex, somewhat relatable guy.
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December 03, 2017
"Time For After" was ... all right. Yes: fine, even. Sometimes rubbish; occasionally decent. A "yeah, OK, whatever ..." shrug of an episode.
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TV Fanatic
December 03, 2017
"Time for After" put more focus toward a smaller variety of characters. It allowed more time for their stories to build and play out more naturally without feeling rushed. As a result, the episode was all the better for it.
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IGN Movies
December 03, 2017
While "Time for After" contained a few crucial moments, as one would hope for/expect from a penultimate midseason episode, it also focused waaay to much on Eugene and his "will he?/won't he?" crisis of conscience.
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AV Club
December 03, 2017
Rick had a plan; that plan isn't working. We get to see things start to shift before he does, and the final shot of him realizing just how much trouble he's in works, ending the hour on a strong note.
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December 03, 2017
"Time for After" has probably the most important plot development in Season 8 since the premiere, so why does it feel like such a shrug?
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